Those Not Faint At Heart


Black Candle
Humanely clipped toe nails of a dog or a good amount of dog hair
Graveyard dirt
Protection incense of your choice
White vinegar


Black dog phantoms are seen throughout alot of mythology. Often they are harbingers of death and some are said to even cause it. Do you have a hard time determining if a situation is ok or not? Not so great with your instincts...well if you arent afraid of the big bad wolf, then this could be for you.

Spell Casting

Take the ingredients and put them in the jar. Seal the jar and light the candle. Drip the black wax all over the top of the jar to seal it while saying:

"I call to the black dog of lore
to aid me by warning of terrible things.
I call him from across the moor
to protect me from all sorts of fiends.
The black dog shall not give harm to me
All it should do is be heard and seen
when my instinct is stronger and I can be
I will release it back to haunt the green."
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