Fire Protection


An object (preferably a piece of jewelry so it can be worn at all times)
A candle (ideally red for fire or white for all purpose)
Matches (a lighter can be used if you don't have matches)


This spell uses the energies of fire to protect one from negative energies and bad spirits.

Spell Casting

Visualization and energy manipulation are the main skills used, being able to do both adequately is recommended. Memorizing the chant is also a good thing to have down before performing the spell but not necessary. This should be preformed over your altar if you have one or a clear space. 

Chant: "Ignis contego a nocere, abdicativi vis, et volutati".

Hold the object in your projective (usually dominant) hand. Hold your receptive (none dominant) hand a safe distance over the flame. Visualize its energies entering your hand and flowing into your center.

Allow it to mix with your energies and fill your being before bursting out and forming a shield of purifying white light around your body. Focus on this idea of the fire providing protection as you chant.

Visualize the energy flowing back into your center and out through your projective hand, into the object. Feel the protective power go from the fire, into you, and then into the object in a constant flow. Continue to chant until you feel as though you are done.
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