Sword Summon


A(n) sword(s) (any kind: Steel, wood, etc.)


With this spell, you can summon a number and/or types of swords of your choice, anytime, anywhere.

Spell Casting

Trust yourself in believing this can work. Then close your eyes, imagining you as well as your sword Wait for 3-5 minutes

Now chant: "Green land and the white sky, the blue sea and the red inferno. Hear my voice, here's my command, appear the (names of your swords) by my side, in battle, in training, in any events possible. Anyplace I am, anytime I in, make it begin. My heart and soul that I control."

Open your eyes quickly and shout "All my energy in one single goal". Now focus all your energy into one single point and hold it. Then release it all around you.

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