Breast Enhancement


Fenugreek seeds
7 grains of corn
2 red candles
2 black candles
A lighter
A bouquet of 7 roses with the thorns taken out personally by yourself
A bottle of anisette


This is a spell I found to enhance your breast size.

Spell Casting

Boil Fenugreek seeds in water. Strain out the seeds so you get the water once it cools and leave it on the counter. Go to a 3 way crossing on a friday night of the waxing moon with your stuff.

Light the candles and invoke Maria Padilha, then show her the corn. Implore her to empower it to make your breasts grow and increase. Tell her you will pay her well if she takes care of you. Leave the candles burning and go home

Every friday for 7 consecutive fridays (including the current one), bathe your breasts in the fenugreek water and rub each grain of corn into your breasts with massaging motions

The final friday after rubbing, go to a black pidgeon or black dove. Feed it the corn. Return to the crossroad, bringing the anisette, red and black candles, and roses. Light the candles and Invoke Maria Thank her graciously. Open the bottle of anisette, take a mouthful, spray in the direction you uttered your petition. Leave the bottle and the roses.
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