Earth Amulet


An object that will be the amulet (a necklace advised, it doesn't have to be something expensive and fancy)
Leaves (that fell on the ground)
Dirt (or gravel or sand, whatever)
Bowl (or something that can hold the things named above)


Make an amulet charged with earth element energy.

Spell Casting

Earth is the element of life, stability and protection. Cast a circle. Cleanse the amulet before you do any of the following. Put the dirt, leaves and salt in the bowl and mix them up. Focus and feel the energy of the earth in the bowl.

Meditate and visualise being in a forest for a while. Hold the amulet above the bowl and visualise the amulet absorbing green energy from the bowl while chanting:

"Earth, the creator, the defender
Bless this amulet,
For it shall never let me surrender
Even if I stay or if I flee
Let it protect me, so mote it be."

When you have felt that the amulet has been charged, stop the amulet from absorbing the energy.
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