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I offer my suggestions as a guide to help develop your own method for making magic wands.

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There is no right or wrong way to make a magic wand. I offer my suggestions as a guide to help develop your own method for making magic wands.

Choosing the Wood:
Deciding on the type of wood can be the most challenging or the easiest of tasks when it comes to your wands creation.

Many wand makers prefer to only take wood that has already fallen from a tree. This can be a problem since most fallen wood is already begun rotting, unless you get storm wood (fresh wood that has fallen during a storm). If your wood can be found locally I would suggest getting storm wood, especially since the separation from the tree came during a time of great power of change.

Whenever taking live wood from a tree always ask permission from the tree, an unwilling subject is not going to make a very good magic wand.
To do this simply clear your mind and ask the tree in your mind if you have permission to take some wood to be made into a magic wand, if your heart feels happy then the answer is a "Yes" if your heart drops the answer is "No".

Wood from a tree that has been struck by lightning is VERY powerful, I call it Lightning Wood. This type of wood is so powerful I wouldn't suggest anyone making or using one unless they are experienced.

There is also a lot of wood to choose from that is not of local origin. Oak and Ash can be commonly found at lumber yards being sold as dowels. You can also find more exotic wood from specialty wood stores. If you are going to use rare wood I would suggest doing some research and finding out where the wood came from and make a donation to an conversation project in that area. Most of our exotic wood comes from West Africa and we donate to

Whenever possible give something of value back to the forest or the tree that allowed you to use their wonderful wood. Usually a gemstone or coin in your pocket will do, but dont use pennies because copper can hurt and even kill some trees.

After you have chosen your wood, I would suggest to start awakening your wand. Imagine that your completed wand is a wonderful creature with a beautiful form, imagine this being is now taking life within the wood. Imagine this being beginning to breath within the wood.

Wand Shaping:
Now it is time to allow the wand to take its shape. You may or may not have an idea of how you want your magic wand to look. I have started many wands without having any idea of how I want the magic wand to look, but I just started carving and shaping and before I knew it the wand started taking its own shape. You just have to be quite and listen to the wand. If you do have an idea, then use it. You may find that the idea starts to take a life of its own.
And from my experience many wands tell me of another design or a way to improve the current design. When I make the next wand I use this new information. I like to allow the wands to evolve themselves this way.

There are many wand makers that refuse to use any power tools, they say that the wood will remember the vibration and cutting of the power tool. And right they are, the wood, the wand will remember. If you can get the shape you desire without using any power tools then more power to you, or the wand, depending on how you look at it. However if the wand you intend to make somewhat requires the use of some power tools, then make it. I've seen many beautiful wands that required the use of machinery to make them what they are. All HP style wands are made on a lathe, I'd like to see someone try and make on of those wands without that machine.

I believe the bottom line when using tools is, how does the wand feel when your done with it. And above all, go with your intuition. Please use safety and caution when using power tools, keep your eyes, lungs and fingers protected. You'll need them for when you use your magic wand.

A few ideas for wand shaping:

  • Stones?
  • Crystal?
  • Spiral?
  • Leather handle?
  • Wood burned?
  • Wire?
  • Paint?

Tools that can be useful:

  1. Dremel
  2. Wood rasp
  3. Carving knife
  4. Sand paper

Also making some kind of magic wand wrap or pouch is useful for protecting the wand both physically and energetically. Black, blue and purple seem to work well, but use your intuition. Even a cut piece of fabric can be used to wrap up a wand and protect it.

Protective Coating:
The most accepted practice among magic wand makers is to use Tung Oil or Wax.
But if you want or the wand wants to be stained red, then stain it red. Like I said, there is no wrong way to make a magic wand.
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