Power/emotion shifting spell.


Good focus.


This spell allows the caster to switch powers and emotions with someone of choice sort of like the power swap spell on this website only my spell works and is less complicated.

Spell Casting

To successfully cast the spell, First say both your names, starting with you then the person's name. While saying the person's name, envision the person. Do not worry about your name. Just the other's name. Then say:"Caminus-Corporeus-Meum-Corporeus-Sua-Eorum-Nominato!" Pronunciation:"Cam-Inn-Us/Coor-Poor-ee-us/Mee-Um/Coor-Poor-ee-us/Soo-a/Ee-oor-um/Nom-Inn-Oto."P.S. Clap out infront of you as you say nominato!
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