Wing Spell


1 Real Feather
Really Windy Night
Full Moon


This spell will give you wings.

Spell Casting

Step 1 - Go outside on a full moon.

Step 2 - Make sure it's really windy.

Step 3 - Pour the lotion on the feather.

Step 4 - Say the spell: God, please let me have wings. I will fly high in the sky whenever I want. My wing color is (Color of wings). They are visible to (Whoever you want). They are able to reach the length of (How long the wings are). Please God, make this me. SO MOTE IT BE!

Step 5 - Rub the lotion from the feather on your back.

That is it! Just wait about a week for them to grow. I don't know if this works, so no hate messages.

Side effects:

Back pain (where wings are)
Weak legs
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