Good/Bad Luck


A pen
1 piece of mint (optional)
1 3-leaf clover
A little bit of water
Sugar (for the good luck spell) OR salt (for the bad luck spell)
Something dear to your/their heart


This spell can be cast on to yourself or on to someone else. It may seem long but it's worth it.

Spell Casting

Draw a large pentagram on the paper and write your/their first and last name in the center. (if possible, put their middle initial). Depending on which spell you wish to cast, sprinkle a little salt or sugar on the name. Then, drip some water on to the condiments.

Tear up the clover and mint (if mint is present), and sprinkle on to the water. Place the special item on to the name. Lean down to the paper and chant the good or bad spell depending on whether you used salt or sugar (the spells are included below)

Fold the paper in half hamburger style, and then hot dog style. Repeat until paper is small enough to fit in your pocket. Tape the paper shut and carry it around in your pocket, purse, etc.

Good Luck Spell:
"Good luck come,
Come to stay.
Chase all of the bad away.
But for this,
I must pay,
With something dear,
At no delay.
This is my will,
So Mote It Be!"

Bad Luck Spell:
"Good luck go,
Go away.
But bring all of the bad to stay.
And for this spell,
I must pay a price.
With something dear,
As well as nice.
This is my will,
So Mote It Be!"

Remember, how long the spell will last depends not only on the strength of the caster, but of the experience of the caster as well.
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