Good Luck, Come My Way


A bracelet (optional)


Expands the rate of good luck in your life for one week. But be warned, the scales of balance will be tipped in your favor, but with an action, there is an opposite reaction. Someone will inherit terrible luck.

Spell Casting

If you are using a bracelet, hold it in your right hand and say once:

Libra, master of the scales,
Let the aura of good fortune surround me,
Let its source be of this bracelet,
And bring me nothing but greatness for seven days and nights,
I accept the price of another's misfortune,
So give me the success of three,
This is my will, so mote it be!

After this put the bracelet on, BUT DO NOT TAKE OUT OFF! Taking it off will result in the breaking of the spell. If the misfortune is sent to someone close to you and their misfortune is so bad that you can't take it any more, take the bracelet off, but be warned, the rest of the bad luck will be reversed to you!
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