Grow Retractable Wings


Feather (the color of what you want your wings to be)


This is a spell to grow retractable wings.

Spell Casting

Say this once out loud:

"Gods and Goddesses of the air, listen now and hear my prayer. If you could, please give me wings, I'll love them even through the pain and stings.

I'd like them to be (color) like the feather in my hands (while saying this, hold the feather to your heart), I'd use them to fly all over the lands. My wings would have a wingspan of (number) feet, And I will fly like a parakeet. My wings won't be full size when they sprout, It will take a little time for them to grow since they come out. When I grow taller, my wings will grow longer, I will never use my wings for evil, to conquer. And when I'm done using my wings, by my will, they will retract into my back. I promise I will never feel that I have something that I lack.

I will choose if I want someone to see them, Sometimes they will miss seeing my pretty wings sparkle like a gem. Let the process take a year to a year and a half, I'll have a party in my mind on behalf. I will learn how to fly, High into the sky. Please make my wings easy to hide, And when I fly, I'll beautifully glide. I'll never bother you ever again, I'll fly all around my garden. Thank you for listening to my plea, Please grant my wish, so mote it be."

Then say it again, but in your head.
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