Soldiers of Allah


Quran(is a must)
1 huge towel
2 swords(Symbolic reasons)
Respect for the fallen ones
Nasheed music(helps visualization)


Driven by the power of the high being that we're all connected to. Allah,the creator of everything and the creator of the unknown.Practicing this spell allows the fallen soldiers of allah bow to you and protect you from all evil.

Spell Casting

Ok once you have all the requirements,get the towel lay it down on the floor, place the 2 swords on resembling the X. Kneel pray for the fallen martyrs, having Nasheed music as a background always helps with visualizing, it is not a necessity but helps.The results will be your protection by fallen soldiers of Allah. It is considered to be a summon spell too, be careful do not insult them in any way the punishment is random and uncontrollable,they choose, not you.
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