Create Your Lover


- A Piece Of Paper (Blank or Lined)


-A Pink, Red, or Black Pen

- Your Favorite Perfume

- Rose or Crisanthimum pettals

- Crushed Rose Quartz (optional)


I have done this spell, and can vouch for it, for it has worked for me. It doesn't work over night so you will have to be extremely patient.

Spell Casting

Take your pen and paper and other supplies somewhere you can concentrate and think.
Start to write down what you would like to find in a Woman/Man and concentrate on your perfect lover. By the color of their eyes, to the way they treat you, even on how they look.
Once you're done writting their features and their personality, spray the piece of paper with your perfume (and the Rose Quartz if you disire, I found it to be more potient), place the petals in, and close it up.

Place it under your pillow or somewhere you'll be able to focus your energy on it, and be paitent.
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