Aqua Instabilis Charm (Water Shifting Charm)


8 Deep Blue Candles
8 Drops Of Your Blood
7 Red Rose Petals
3 Teaspoons Of Sea Salt
1 Bowl Of Spring Water
1 Full Moon
1 Box Of Matches
1 Mortar and Pestle
1 Spring Of Thyme
1 Yarrow Flower
1 Spring Of Chamomille
1 Aloe Vera Leaf
1 Moonstone, Aquamarine, or Lapis Stone Inlaid on Silver or Copper ( preferably something smaller)
1 Open, Quiet Space


This spell, when cast by strong sorcerers can give the caster the ability to shift in water, heal themselves in or close to water or if cast to perfection, the ability to control water. This spell is quite complex and needs to be cast on a full moon. If this spell is cast on a blue moon the effect will magnify the power of this spell, making it easier for you to cast and ending up with better results.

Spell Casting

Form the 8 candles into a large circle and place all of your ingredients inside of it. Now enter your circle and light each candle, while focusing on what you intend this spell to do for you. Cast a magical circle and put the bowl in front of you while you are facing west and add 8 drops of your blood into the water and focus at the moon's reflection in the water. Now put all the herbs into the mortar and grind them up. Add the herbs into the bowl of water and stir with your fingers, now place the stone in the bowl of water and close your eyes and pour the energy of the moon into the bowl. Now Put your hands on the surface of the water while concentrating on your intention and chant:
"Spiritus mare quaero contactum , quaeso, quod mihi potentiam tuam, et da mihi Finni cum in aquam, aqua virtutum, obsecro mihi, rogo tuam sic fiat"

Now blow out the candles and drip a bit of the wax from each one into the water, as you pull out the charm. Every full moon let it sit somewhere where it is exposed to moonlight so it can absorb its power.
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