Manifestation Potion


Green Tea Bag
Sage - one pinch
Cinnamon - one pinch
Thyme - one pinch
Your Blood - a few drops

Other Herbs/Flowers


A potion to get what you want out of someone. A less traditional method.

Spell Casting

Take the green tea bag and open it. If you wish, take a little of the tea leaves out. Add the sage, cinnamon, and thyme. Optionally you may add ground up rose petals or lavender if you have a specific use for this potion. However, do not use cannabis or sugar. Tie the bag back up and set to the side.

In a half cup of warm water, add a little bit of your blood (preferably from an existing wound or open up a scab, works best for less than good intentions if there is a slight infection) until the water has a yellowish tint.

Pour the blood water into a microwave safe cup and add water until the cup has enough to make one serving of tea.

Microwave the water until it boils. Take it out and put in the tea bag.

Let the tea steep for at least six minutes.

Stir the tea (use an athame if you wish).


By the power of the gods/goddess
All bend their will to me
At first taste of this tea
Truth be clear, loyalty bound
Sanity will not be found
Their souls belong to me
So mote it be

Optionally you may use candles and crystals to achieve a specific effect.

Let it ferment for a stronger effect. Don't worry if the potion has anything floating in it (loose leaves, fermentation), this is ok and will not detract from the potion's strength.

If you wish, pour the potion into a bottle so you can transport or store it for later use.

As is, this potion will work on anyone. Add a few drops to their drink, even sprinkle a little on their salad. Just have what you want from the person in mind when you spike their drink/food. Be very specific. You may want the truth about something, unwavering loyalty, a favor, maybe even get the annoying parent/spouse to get off your back. You could even bring them misfortune or sickness. I must stress be SPECIFIC! Even invoke your deity whilst planting the potion. The possibilities of what this potion can do are endless.


This is not "white" or "black" magick. Your intention is what makes it good or evil.

Be careful of what you wish for.

Remember wishes may be taken very literally.
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