Dragon Dust


Dragons Blood Herb
1 ounce Dragon’s blood Resin ( important )
1/2 teaspoon frankincense powder
1/2 teaspoon benzoin powder
1 teaspoon sandalwood powder
1/4 teaspoon myrrh powder
1 tiny Seashell
A pinch of Sea Salt or dead sea salt
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon Fresh grated is best
1/4 teaspoon dried Marigold petals
1/4 teaspoon dried Mugwort
1/4 teaspoon dried pennyroyal petals or mint works just fine too
1/4 teaspoon dried Yarrow petals
1 or 2 small pieces of Jade or Agate or Quartz Crystal Lapis works great too


Dragons are Powerful Ancient Beings Unlike Fairies or Fae or Elves or Gnomes Dragons Pick who they follow.

Spell Casting

Using a mortar and pestle, grind the ingredients together. To this base add the crystals and seashell for your specific need. You can also add any essential oil you wish. When done place the dust in a small glass jar or bottle. If possible, find a bottle colored the same as the dust's purpose. Light a white candle before mixing the dust, drip the candle wax to seal the bottle. I must be very clear about this I got this from one of my favorite spell books, I make dragon's dust all the time.

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