The Star Brand




This will give you the star brand. It is a mark that appears on your skin, shaped like a pentagram, but without the ring around the outside. The brand will allow you to do anything you can imagine.

Spell Casting

First, you must be relaxed. A good way to achieve this is through meditation. Once you are in your relaxed state, imagine your magical core. This can be anything, from a volcano, to a cavern full of gemstones. I imagine mine as a pool of water. Now you need to take most of your core away from where it was originally - but not all of it, else it won't regenerate - and send it into the sky.

You will begin to feel tired at this point, after losing most of your magic. As your magick floats into the sky, you need to see it meet a star, merging with it, turning it the colour of your aura (it doesn't matter if you don't know the colour of your aura, this is where you can find out; it's the first colour the star becomes in your mind). You then need to see the star moving towards the back of your hand. When it hits your hand, the star brand should appear on it. You can now do anything imaginable, but be careful, if you get angry, things might explode.
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