Love Spell




This one is for my ladies. And I'm working on my men. So don't worry.

Spell Casting

Light the candle,then meditate imagining you and your crush holding hands or kissing or hugging. Draw your and your crush names in a heart. Then cut it out. Burn a spot in the heart by holding it high over the lit candle. Loudly state your wish then tell the God/goddess/religion you believe in to grant your prayers. Kiss the heart with lipstick and fold it. Say,

"My lips you will kiss. My heart you will love.
But our love will be a secret. (But our love will be open
(Only or not only)between us. Feel my lips against yours.
As I feel yours against mine. Forever together.
Like the moon we shall shine."

Blow out the candle and spray the paper with perfume. Rub the paper on you and keep the paper with you until your wish comes true. Kiss it occasionally. When your crush smells it,they will instantly fall in love.
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