This spell will help those who are in need of forgiveness from a certain person/people. It should work for everyone unless the person/people you are receiving forgiveness from is deceased or far away.

Spell Casting

You will need to light your candle in a dark room and say this spell 5 times:

"Peaceful remedies
Gone and destroyed
How I wonder
If I could reverse the clock
Back to the start
Where thunders will knock
I ask for forgiveness
From a friend or a foe
I have proved myself worthy
So let them know!"

After you've recited it 5 times, blow out the candle and exit the room. Within a week's time, your person/people of choice should forgive you. They may not befriend you again, but they will respect you and wish you the best. If they have caused previous trouble to you or held a grudge to you, it will stop.
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