Wealth and Fortune


3 candles


This spell will not work for everyone. If you are already quite wealthy, doing this spell is considered greedy and selfish.

Spell Casting

This spell will only work during certain times of the month. It can work on a new moon, 1st quarter moon, full moon, or 3rd quarter moon only. You will not get good results if it is done before midnight. Best results occur when the spell is done at midnight or within the midnight hour. You'll need to light your candles next to eachother in a dark room. You will also need to think of 3 reasons why the gods/goddesses should grant you with money/fortune and remember that...nothing comes for free. The gods/goddesses may ask you for favors in return. 

"Gods and goddesses of wealth and fortune
Grant me with money and give me a portion
All my life I've been poor
But not anymore
I deserve this wish because I am (insert 3 reasons)
I will return your desired favors
So mote it be!"

Say it once only and keep the candles lit until they burn out. That's when the fortune will start to come (the next morning). You will have an amazing day and will start to receive the first parts of your fortunes. The gods/goddesses might ask you for favors. If/when they do you will know it. If you do not complete their favors your fortune may be decreased.

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