Uptown Funk Confidence Spell


A circular disc or stone for confidence
Pen/brush and paint/etc.
Optional: Red, orange, or white candle


A simple and (hopefully) fun confidence spell using lyrics from Uptown Funk. It's not meant to be taken too seriously, but it works.

Spell Casting

1. Create a sigil for confidence.
2. Draw or paint the sigil on your disc, stone, etc. with paint, ink, or even water. Charge it. There are multiple ways to do this; one way I like is to imagine the sigil being lifted off the item and then embedding itself back onto it.
3. Chant/sing/play the "I'm too hot" part of Uptown Funk. This can be done while holding the item above your candle, if you wish.
"I'm too hot
Say my name, you know who I am
I'm too hot
Make a dragon wanna retire, man"
Be sure to focus on your goal while doing this.
4. Carry the item with you for an extra confidence boost.
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