Wing "Potion"


3 drops of YOUR blood
1/4 cup of milk
some of YOUR skin
A spoon
A clean feather
A shower
A cup


This is kind of a potion for wings

Spell Casting

First, put all of the ingredients into the cup. Use a spoon to stir all of the ingredients.
Next, take your shirt off. Get the feather, and dip 1/4 of the feather into the mixture. Rub the mixture on the feather onto your right shoulder blade. Dip the feather into the mixture again. Rub that onto your left shoulder blade.

Now, drink the rest of the potion. Now, get into the shower/bath and recite this,

"Gods and Goddesses,
I have a potion in my body,
And on my back,
Could you make that potion give me wings?
Mote it be!"
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