Beeswax candle
Two bowls
Water from a flowing river or stream
Small stone from the river or stream
Piece of white cloth (a handkerchief will do)


This powerful spell is used to wash away bad memories and cleanse the mind of sorrow and pain.

Spell Casting

Fill the bowls half-full with the river or stream water. Light the candle and place the bowls on either side of it. Holding the stone in your left hand, bring to mind those memories you wish to be diminished and finally swept away. Still using your left hand, pass the stone through the candle's flame and speak aloud the following words:

" Memories I wish to leave, river helps to wash them clean. In your power, I believe. Power I have seen".

Place the stone in the bowl to your left and rub the stone, as if cleansing it, using only your left hand. Remove the stone and speak the following words aloud:

"Memories, like darkness fade in the morning's sun. And leave but shadows in the shade, where the river runs".

Move the stone to your right hand and place it in the bowl of water to your right, allowing it to rest at the bottom of the bowl. With your right hand, gently swirl the water in the bowl. When the water stops moving, extinguish the candle, remove the stone from the bowl using your right hand, place it on the white cloth and allow it to dry in the air. Once thoroughly dry, the stone should be placed under your pillow while you sleep. Keep the stone under your pillow until the memories have sufficiently faded.

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