Cursed By Voodoo


2 Black candles
A black pen
A sewing needle
A picture of the victim
A lemon
Matches, or a lighter


This spell has been tested, and it is very powerful! It will curse your enemies.

Spell Casting

Cut out the two pieces of felt in the shape of a person. Sew the two layers together, but leave a gap (To fill it up). Sit in a dark room and light the candle. wright down the victim's full name and date of birth. Then let the black wax drip onto the picture of the victim.

After that, burn the paper with the information of the victim in the black candle. When it's burnt to ashes, blow out the candle, and stuff it into the poppet. Rip the picture into pieces. Stuff that into the doll as well. Meanwhile, chant this:

"Everything you inflict on me, will now be reflected back to you!
You shall live in a misery because of yourself!"

Sew the poppet closed. Slice the lemon in two. Squeeze the juice all over the poppet
Sprinkle the pepper over it. Now, stab a needle where its heart would be. Think about all the things your victim did that made you feel bad. Release that energy, through your palm, into the poppet.

Put it in a dark, unused area. (An unused basement, or an unused attic would be suitable.) That night, you'll dream of your victim. Crying, lost in him / herself and tired of living. The next day, grab the poppet, and stab it in the head of the doll. Release more negative energy into the doll. Leave it into the dark area, and forget about the poppet. But, your victim will suffer!
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