Psychic Spell


3 celery leafs
mixture for coffee
cauldron (or stove pan)
candle ( to concentrate )


This is a potion to awake your psychic abilities.

Spell Casting

Crush the rosemary, celery, and coffee together until it looks like it is a mixture. Then take a cauldron, or a stove pan, and pour water and the mixture in it, and boil it for a couple of minutes. Take out the herbs from the cauldron and pour the psychic tea into a cup, and form a circle around the cup with herbs you just took out. Say this chant as you stare into the tea, and picture a third eye
"As I drink this psychic tea,
psychic abilities come to me."
Drink the tea ( ALL OF IT OR ELSE IT WONT WORK) and when you are done, throw out the herbs.
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