Attraction Potion


Maple syrup 20mls
Ginseng root
Ginger (ground)
Pinch of tamarind
Spring water 200mls
Rose quartz


This potion will make the person you give it to find you attractive, it will do no more and do not overuse.

Spell Casting

1.Boil 175 mls of spring water in a pot and grind up ginger.

2.Mix Tiny pinch of tamarind into maple syrup and stir slowly.

3. Put ginseng root on water so skinny end is out of the water. Leave for minutes.

4. While you wait mix last of water in to the syrup mix until it all comes together.

5. After 15 minutes put syrup mixture into pot and stir it around with the ginseng root. Leave for 5 minutes to boil and then turn of flame.

6. Once cool, use a rose quartz stone to bless the mixture by praying to the goddesses. (A prayer of thanks will work)

7. To apply, put 3 drops into any drink and serve to the person you want it to work on .
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