Cleansing Negative Energy




A meditation to remove negative energy.

Spell Casting

Cleansing your own negative energy:
Sit cross legged and point directly to west and east with your arms wide open. Then imagine a ball of positive energy gathering together in your hands. Hold the balls with your palms facing the sky. Start breathing deep and concentrating. Imagine all of your negative energy flowing around you like a red stream. Imagine the red stream divided into two and each one soaking into one of the balls and disappearing. Then imagine the white stream of the balls going inside your heart.

Cleansing someone elses negative energy:
Tell the person to sit cross legged and concentrate on freeing the negative energy in the atmosphere around His/Her head. Kneel before him/her and hold your hand upon his/her head. Create a ball of energy in the palm of your hand while holding your hand above his/her head, tell him /her to release the energy and make it soak into your hand. After that gather your fist and destroy the ball.
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