To Draw Feminine Energy


3 Pink Candles
1 Clear Quartz Crystal
1 Rose
1 Water Filled Vase
1 Lace tablecloth (white, pink, or red work too)


I wrote this spell for a cross dresser who wanted to feel great about themselves and attract some feminine energy.

Spell Casting

Set up your three candles with the moon in view. Place them on top of the tablecloth. Light them one by one, saying each time,

"Feminine grace I desire
Bring it hence through the fire."

Feel the majestic energy all around you. Imagine it surrounding your body and going into your heart, mind, and soul. The light of the candles illuminate the marvellous woman inside of you.

Pick up the rose and put it into the vase. Look at it's regal petals, and the beauty it adds to the scene around you. Give it up as an offering to your deity. Repeat this phrase three times,

"Rose of glory, beauty, and love,
Give me the body of a dove."

Let the rose go back inside with you when you finish your spell, and let it die on its own.

Look to the moon and hold your crystal up. Think of feminine energy filling it to the brim, making it shine. Feel it start to pour over your fingers and seep into your skin. Leave it in sight of the moon as you finish the spell, blowing out the candles and cleaning up. Take it with you and put it in your pocket anytime you feel you need a boost.
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