Draw a Dream Crush


Two sheets of paper(one lined and the other white)
A red or pink pen
A strong love for him


You have this special boy/man who always pops up in your dreams? When you wake you just wish he was real? Well you can make him real! Just follow these simple instructions!

Spell Casting

1. At the top of the white paper, write his first,middle and last name

2.Below his name, write his date of birth, age.

3. Draw a picture of him. Color it unless you want him to be black and white!!!

4. Now on the lined paper describe him. Write adjtives about his personality. Is he nice? Is he cute?

5. At night put the two papers under the rock. If you wake up and the ink is washed away, you will meet him soon. If the ink is still there your spell didn't work out that well or you did somthing wrong.

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