Become a Fairy


Any kind of soap. ( shampoo, hair gel etc.)
Dead flower petals
Fairy dust
An object that means something to you
Your hair
A chime


You can turn into a fairy in at least 1 week. there are side effects though.

Spell Casting

Do it in the exact order, or it may not work.
Fairy Potion


1. Get a container that is filled with water. About have of the container.
2. Put in about a teaspoon of any kind of soap.
3. Put in about a pinch of fairy dust.
4. Put in an object that means something to you. ( a earring, your dog's fur etc.)
5. Put in a strand of your hair.
6. Stir with your finger.
7. Chime a chime.
8.Put the chime on a flat surface.
9. Scoop up the potion with one of the flower petals,( with hair) then paint it on the chime.
10. Kiss your finger twice, then put it on the chime for about 10 seconds.
11. Say the spell. (below)
12. Once you say the spell, rub the potion on your forehead.

Fairy Dust
1. Put ripped up DEAD flower petals in a container with about a teaspoon of water.
2. Leave it for at least 3 hours.
3. Take the petals out, then put in sparkles, glitter, any thing glittery.
4. Wait until the water evaporates.



"Oh listen as my sweet wish sings.
Please grant me my fairy wings,
You should listen to my plea.
For I am to fly so wild and free."


Side Effects
Head aches, Nausea when using technology.
Pain, or something like a vibration on your back. It is a sign that your wings are growing.
The urge to help somebody. ( something)
You feel emotional.
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