Good Luck Penny


One penny


This is a really simple luck spell, an old gypsy spell, and one of those spells that needs very few ingredients

Spell Casting

When you are out and about in the world, take a penny out of your pocket. Hold it in your hand to your heart for a moment to help you centre and raise energy for the spell (real magic energy comes from the heart and the soul!).

Move your hand with the penny in it up to your Third Eye point (where the Indian ladies have their dot!). Think and say in your mind at the same time, "A Penny For Luck!" If you can say it out aloud at the same time as well, so much the better.

Now kiss the hand that holds the penny and give the penny to the faries for luck, throw it in a fountain, flip it into the grass, leave it on a fence post, by the side of the road, on a windowsill, on a tree branch, wherever there seems to be a good place to put the lucky penny. Then walk away and don't look back.
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