Verus Lamia Alica




A Latin spell to make you a vampire.

Spell Casting

Speak this once at night while standing outside:

"Tamen primoris , in terra ut lamia ego sum sent , in a tractus vadum ex meus tumbus ego exsisto pensio : Tunc ego exsisto ghastly obsideo of suum paternus locus , Quod combibo cruor of totus suum natio nationis ; Ex suum filia , sanctimonialis , quod uxor , Procul midnight ego adficio profusum of suum vita ; Etiamnunc ego porro cruentus epulor quod terebro ego must nutritor super suum liquidus victus tractus : Meus victor es hic they etiamnunc expire ego vadum exsisto everto pro suum genitor , Ut they have vomica mihi , ego mos iam vomica lemma , decessio suum somes per nusquam tamen a cruentus niger rose in a stem. ego sum a lamia a everto of nox noctis. quod iam totus meus hostilis vadum exsisto repletus per formidonis quod terror."

English translation (though it works better if spoken in Latin):

"But first, on earth as vampire I am sent, on a course shall from my tomb I be rent: Then I be the ghastly haunt of their native place, and suck the blood of all their race; From their daughter, sister, and wife, at midnight I drain the stream of their life; Yet I long the bloody banquet which perforce I must feed upon their liquid living course:

My victims are here they yet expire. I shall be the demon for their sire. As they have cursed me, I will now curse them, leaving their corpse with nothing but a bloody black rose on a stem. I am a vampire, a demon of the night and now all my enemies shall be filled with terror and fright."
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