Caught You In My Web


1 captured spider
1 captured fly
2 small jars
2 white candles
1 black candle
1 frankincense incense


This type of spell will let a person who had talked behind your back and told lies about you, tell the truth. You don't need a name for this. This is a hoodoo trick (spell) and requires faith in God.

Spell Casting

Capture an alive spider, the bigger the better (dont get hurt). This may sound tricky but you need to capture an alive fly. Put the spider in one jar and the fly into another

Push aside the flie and the spider onto your altar and trap the fly inside the spider jar, or the other way around. Now arrange the other candles in a triangle formation. Black on top and white on the bottom. Put the jar in the middle.

Light the black candle and say "This candle represent your lies and treachery you beseeched on me and how much harm you caused me"

Light both white candles. After that state "Both of these candles represent the light, uncovering your slander and at the same time overcoming your deceit with the eyes of god standing before you, while recuperating my self image"

Light the frankincense incense and then hold up the jar to the sky and say "Lord I am your child, please help me in this time of need! I offer this smoke so you can bestow me a blessing! Please offer me hope and the satisfaction that my enemy who spoke lies about me, whoever they may be, get their just desserts! Let this lie be no more, my dear father, please allow this person to relinquish the truth or be punish by whatever kind of punishment you think they deserve!"

Place down the jar then say "Let it be known, just as this fly will be trapped in this web, that my foe will trip and fall on their own web of lies. The spider represent justice as it won't cease to stop trying to eat the spider, for the fly has no place to run but towards the shelter for god for forgiveness!"

Blow out the altar candles and then let the spider consume the fly. When that is done, blow out the rest of the candles. Set the spider free where you found it at, or at least in safe spot. Leave the remains of the spell at the cross roads
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