Hypnotize Someone in Your Love




In Hindi language this spell is called 'Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra' as it invokes Kamdev (God of love and sex). Use this spell on anyone to bind him/her in your love. He/she will be compelled to love you

Spell Casting

Mantra: "Om Namh: Kaam-Deevaay Shkal Shdrash Shmsh Liye Vnhe dhunn jnmmdrshnn utknthitn kuru kuru, daksh dakshu-dhar Kusm-Vaanen hu hn swaaha."

This spell mantra need to sidh (energise) first. Japa (chant) this spell mantra 108 times at dawn, noon and evening everyday till one month only. Fix a time for daily chant. Remember, the time should be fixed for everyday. The morning chant should be before sunrise. After the mantra gets energised, when you will chant the mantra on seeing anybody, that person will be hypnotised definitely. It is a very powerful mantra.

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