Summon A Demon


1 head of a black cat
Bones of a bat
Hair of a child
2 teeth from a predator (alligator, lion, wolf, etc)
Blood of your own (only a few drops)
1 athame
1 pentagram (made of anything) one foot in radius


This spell is to summon a demon. Not any specific demon, just one in general.

Spell Casting

Place the head of the cat on the top of the pentagram and yell: "Head of a black cat I sacrifice to thee, a dark creature, so mysterious and evil I give to you. Oh great demon accept my offer and do come forth."

Place the bat bones on the next point going counter clockwise and say in your normal voice:"Bones of a bat, a feared being, I offer up to thee great demon. Come forth and accept my sacrifice, bring these bones back with you to the underworld, and accept my respect of you".

Place the child hair next, and say a little more silently: "Hair of an innocent child I offer to you great demon, innocence and purity in all, oh come forth and greet me beloved hell monster, take what I offer"

Now place down the teeth and whisper: "Teeth of a fierce predator for you great demon. To show that you are fiercer than all, come forth and welcome me. Come forth great demon."

Now drop your blood down and say under your breath: "My blood for you my demon lord. My blood is my sacrifice to summon thee. Come forth from the underworld and bestow your eyes upon our summoner."

Now set the atheme in the very center and get a drop or two of your blood on it and scream: "I summon thee here in this plain. I command you forth and before me you will arise from the underworld to do my bidding, you great demon are mine to control. I command you to arise and greet me."

This part is latin. Say clearly: "consurge sicut servus meus mihi egredietur daemonis
(con-soor-ge si-coot ser-voos may-oos me-aye grey-de-atour day-mon-ees)"
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