Winds Of Time


1 blue candle
1 piece of paper with date and time written on it


This spell can help you to reverse time itself by calling the Universal Triad of the Goddesses of Magik.

Spell Casting

Chant this once, in either language (English and Latin).

"Goddesses of the universe, I call to thee. I humbly ask that you reverse the winds of time and space, so the memory that haunts my mind can be a memory of a happy place. I have made a horrible mistake in my past, one that I now wish to change so my joy will last. So please, I  beg you to grant this wish to me. From the will of my heart, so blessed be".

"dea of universum , ego dico ut thee. ego summisse scisco ut vos ostendo sum ventus of vicis quod tractus , sic memoria ut obsideo meus mens can exsisto a memoria of a gauisus locus. ego have no a horrendus erroris in meus preteritus , unus ut ego iam votum muto sic meus tripudium mos permaneo. commodo , ego precor vos cedo is votum volo. ex mos of meus pectus pectoris , sic beatus exsisto."

To return to the present time you came from simply take your hand and put it into a fist and put it in the air. Then point your first two fingers towards the skies with the back of your hand facing outward, then turn your hand sideways with your thumb facing you and say: "Reverto mihi ut tendo. Sic beatus exsisto."
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