Wings of Fire


"Wings of Fire" book
One blue candle (any shade of blue)
One yellow candle
One brown candle
One black candle
One purple candle
One white candle
One gray candle
A favorite jewelry piece


This spell will turn you into a dragon from: "Wings of Fire"

Spell Casting

First, go out side and sit down line up your books in order in front of you. Set the candles on the books: Blue candle, Second book. Yellow candle, fifth book. Brown candle, first book. Black candle, fourth book. Purple candle, third book. White candle, seventh book. Gray candle, sixth book. Take out your jewelry piece. Say this while waving the piece over each candle: 

"Three Moons, Three Moons. This (jewelry piece) will be the door to Phyrra and Earth. When I say: "Wings of Fire, (dragon tribe)" I will be one with that tribe. The characteristics of the tribe, will be one. I may talk in my form, too say human words. When I wish for my dragon form to retreat, I shall say: "Wings of Fire (Dragon Tribe) Shoo!" Three Moons, Three Moons, I wish to be one with Phyrra, So Mote It Be!"

Then, put on your jewelry piece, then say: "With this (jewelry piece) I will be one with Phyrra." Clean up, and have fun!
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