Blessing Your Favourite Object


A glass dish
Two black/orange candles
Three white candles
Consecrated water


This spell will allow you to be blessed and protected from evil and supernatural forces.

Spell Casting

This spell should be done in a dark room. Draw a pentagram on the floor. Place the white candles at the top and the bottom two. Place the red/orange candles in the left and right edge of the star. Place the object in the glass dish containing consecrated water. Place it in the middle of the pentagram. Sit in the direction of the pentagram.

Chant: "Oh, the power of the sun. Come into the mere object to make it magical. Oh, the power of the moon. Bless the object to protect me from darkness". Now your favorite object will be blessed. You can wear it if it is a chain or a ring. But leave it that night and wear it the morning.
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