Spell to Build Confidence / Self-empowerment



*A piece of music that starts of slow, and builds to a peak.


This is a short visualization spell to help you grow in confidence, courage, passion and inner strength. It is to be done to a piece of music that starts off slow and then builds up to a peak - this is important as it really helps to engage your emotions.

Spell Casting

Start music.

Stand comfortably with feet apart.

Start to visualize a circle of fire around you on the floor. As the music starts to build, let the fire climb and build around you until it is over your head, and you are enclosed in an orb / bubble of fire.

Stretch out your arms and touch the wall of your ball of fire - now allow the fire to move across onto your hands and slowly cover your body. It is at this point you can start to chant, "I am Fire". Really feel this, feel as if you are one with the fire.. Feel the confidence, the passion, the courage, the warmth, the vibrancy! Allow yourself to really soak it in!... Hopefully it is at this point that the music peaks and you have worked your feelings up too.

Normally when I do this exercise, I really allow myself to absorb the fire, and take it into my very being. At the same time I envision all the things that a fire is to me - passion, courage, raw energy, confident, unyielding...And I see myself becoming these things. This spell has helped me a lot! :)

Hope you can benefit from it too.
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