My Weight Loss Spell


Candle (optional but it makes the spell more powerful) Any color
Fruit or vegetable
A lot of belief (key that makes spells work)


I made this spell too. Hope it works for you. I have not posted spells in a while but I will try to make more.

Spell Casting

1) If you are using a candle, light it and meditate in front of it for 5 or 10 minutes thinking about your new weight

2) After you meditate take anything that holds water and put water in it then take the fruit/vegetable and put it in the water

3) Say 3 times

"As I put the fruit/vegetable in this water
My weight loss will come and it will start
Unhealthy food, stay away
Never come back again for days
Healthy food, come to me
Help me achieve what I want to see
A healthy body"

4) Eat the fruit/vegetable

5) Say 5 times

"This fruit/vegetable I eat
Will help me start a new diet
I will now leave
All the junk food I used to eat
My weight gaining becomes my past
I will now exercise and be healthy at last
My goal will come my way
I will see my new body some day"

6) now you done the spell, try not to eat junk food you can eat a little but not a lot, do a lot of exercising, drink a lot of water, eat a lot of healthy food

7) If you used a candle blow it out and say this once

"Candle, Candle
I will start a new life
That I'm sure I can handle
My new body will come my way
The unhealthy food will now leave for some days"

This spell will take time to work just keep being healthy and keep believing I am sure it will work! I made this so I really hope it works for u!

~ MermaidTale ~
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