Love for Newbies


Rose buds
1 red candle
Red pen or marker
Notecard or small paper


This spell is easy and a powerful one to bring love into your life.

Spell Casting

First meditate while doing so imagine the man/women being near you not loving you yet do for 5 minutes if you decide to meditate longer that is great. Now light red candle. Begin to write the man/women first and last name on the notecard with the pen or marker as you imagine them starting to notice you. Then say:

"Oh Venus godess of love, I beg for your help from above. Please venus send a dove to make ____ love me. I ask you of this oh powerful Venus so mote it be"

Meditate once more, imagine the person coming close to you kissing you and saying the words i love you. When the spell works thank venus.
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