Bluen's Satanic Death


1 black outfit
1 Satanic altar
1 sheet of paper or black poppet
1 blade, knife or any sharp objects
1 Satanic bible (optional)


Warning: must be used by only a Satanist, One who has dedicated his/her soul to Satan. It will cause someone's death.

Spell Casting

In a dark room with yourself and the black outfit clean, make the Satanic altar presentation, light up black candles, you may can even place the Satanic bible near the altar and then follow these instructions:

Use the black poppet (you may can put some personal belongings of your target by making holes in the poppet and then sew up the holes) or else you may can simply write the name of your target by imagining the person in your mind)

Else you can use a paper too, just write the persons name on it (again by imagining the person in mind) and make a ball of it.
Then think about the pains they served you, let your feelings lose and fill yourself with the plan of revenge

Then say this:( based on the Satanic bible) "In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi! In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the earth, the King of the world, I command the forces of Darkness to bestow their Infernal power upon me! Open wide the gates of Hell and let my desire be fulfilled." (image the person again and say) "Pains you have served me so death you deserve, then with great anger make cuts with the sharp objects and cut till the paper or poppet get into 4 pieces or more then say:This is my revenge, name of person_________will die."

Then take the four pieces of the poppet or paper ball. Burn one piece in the flames of the black candle and say: "Let (name of target) be burnt to death, in the name of Satan the Infernal Diatribe let this person die."

Put the other piece in any river, sea..(large water body) and say: "Let (name of target) be drown to death, in the name of Leviathan the Raging sea let this person die."

Make a hole in the soil (quite deep) and say: "Let (name of target) be buried in the ground, let the person face death in the name of Belial the master of the Earth let this person face death "(you even may can make the hole in a cemetery or near it)

Take the left half and again burn it and the left powder ash must be thrown in the air and say this spell: "Let (name of target) be turned to ashes as light as air in the name of Lucifer the Enlightenment let this person face death".

Then if any pieces are left throw them in gutter or toilet. Make the end by thanking all the 4 crowned gods of hell and say out loud the name of person will die.
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