Gods Grant Wishes




A spell to grant any wish.

Spell Casting

This is something I grew up with, it grants wishes. I don't know if this is my power or just a spell. All i know is that it works for me, and if you mess up while saying it / thinking about the wrong thing then it will be less powerful and effective. Also it could be anyone's wish not just yours, like you could do this for a friend and it would work, but you have to include their name. Anyways, lets get started!

It can be anytime and almost anywhere. Chant this as many times as you like, but i just chant it once.

Chant : "I pray to the gods / goddesses, to hear my cry, to hear my plea. Please grant my / her / his wish and hear my desires. So gods / goddesses please ( your wish ). I want this to happen, it is my / her / his / their fate. So please i beg you grant my / her / his wish."

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