One True Love


5 Candles any color dont matter just got to be the same
Piece of jewlery shaped like a heart
Your Voice
Desire in your Heart


This spell is used to help bring that special someone in your life and some times in the most un expected ways.

Spell Casting

Place the five candles into a pentecle set the hart jewlery smack down in the middle of the pentecle and make share your facing east and incase you don't know which way that is its were the sun rises now light the candles starting wit the one pointing that faces east then bottom left the top right then top left then bottom right then chant:

"In my heart theres a fire,
now my desired one ,
come to me,
set my love free,
I give you my hart
never run to far
so shall it be."

Then let the candles burn for 30 minets with in the time draw a pentagram on your left palm wit a hart in the middle then put your left hand on your hart and your right hand on your forhead and repeat to yourself the word love for the rest of the time.

 If the candles go out afteryou did the chant but still doing the serimony thing dont sweat it its okay but dont relight its part of the spell but if doing the chant relight but keep the concentraition on your love
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