Scrying Mirror


a picture frame (any size)
black spray paint
dragon's blood ink
a quill or stick
a black candle
dragon's blood oil


A simple spell to enchant your own scrying mirror to see into the past or future.

Spell Casting

Take your picture frame apart and paint the glass black.

As the paint dries, anoint and bless your candle with the oil.

When the paint is dry. Light the candle and write on the painted side of the glass with the ink:

Sands of time yet to fall
Let me see you, hear my call
Lost in time you won't stay
In this glass show me the way

Sands of time that have fell
Let me see you, come out the well
Lost in time you won't stay
In this mirror show me the way

As you write this is not important to be able to read it again. In fact it is better if you can not.

When the ink is dry. Take your projective finger and anoint the edges of the glass with oil. Place the glass back into the frame with the unpainted side facing out. This will be the side you scry into. When you are not using your mirror keep it in a bag or cover it with a piece of cloth.
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