Become a Magical Girl


3 or 4 pieces of paper


Use this spell to become a real life Magical Girl.

Spell Casting

1.Draw the look of you as a Magical Girl, you can also add a weapon, but this is optional.
2.Write down your transformation phrase, your attack names, and a speech for the end of your transformation, this is optional.
3.Draw your own transformation device, this is optional, if you choose not to have one, all you need is your voice to transform.
4.Draw your own mascot that can help you out. This is optional.
5.Say this chant to awaken the Magical Girl inside you "Oh ruler of all Magical Girls, please listen, I want to be a Magical Girl, I want to help save the world" Then wait outside until you see "The Ruler of all Magical Girls", show it your picture, your transformation phrase, your attacks list, and you mascot and device if you have one.
5.When your ready, become a Magical Girl for the first time!
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