Three Things


Some sort of light
Piece of paper
Red and Blue(sharpies are the best)
Yellow Candle


You may have herd of charka's but this spell acts as three things 1 extra charka, a body transformation, and wish.

Spell Casting

Start of by putting your fingers so your thumb index finger and your
middle finger up all at once then chant:


"Great creator fix me all mighty creator.10x."


Then draw with 5 symbols (animals or a elments
work best) 2 blue and 2 red than the one in the middle draw with both.
Under each symbol a write a wish. Than with your wand say the symbol and what color they are. Then take your wand on a flat suface. Than say any wand spell you know than you take your ring and necklace ad put it on take your wand and point it at your crown charka don't touch it but point it (the close the more powerful).
Than take your paper and throw it in the yellow candle and then whle you sleep the wand will absorb the power. The next day do the same thing do this how ever powerful you want. Once your done with that point your wnd at any 5 parts of your body whatever your symbol was you would gain that power (only that area) than do one more.
That's your extra charka and your wishes come true once done with the extra charka part (don't ask for stuff that are imosible like becoming a mermaid only stuff like a promotion at work or a new pet thatkind of stuff).
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