A Witch At The Stake




I have read several publications about witches today being murdered for the mere practice of witchcraft, or even suspicion thereof. This is only to be chanted or even to be read for idealistic purposes.

Spell Casting

*This should only be chanted if one is about to die for their beliefs.*

"Gods and Goddesses
All those who live eternally
All those who have power
Watch me burn, I call to thee!

Children have set fire to me this day
Check them into my world of pain!
Set them to fire themselves to make them pay
They have done this unspeakable thing

This indignity they have birthed
I call to thee to give them hell
They will suffer the consequences
The ones who wish this hell!

Fixate your power upon them
Burn their hearts at the hem
May my death go as sacrifice
I will not die in vain!

Wreak havoc upon these mortals
The ones who burn me now
And those who show no remorse
Let them experience my hell

My blood will boil
My skin will burn
Let me not feel this
But my death will leave them scorned

Their ignorance shall be punished
Their hate shall be crucified
Their souls will die inside
Burn them in to the outside

Let not another witch be burned
Let the witches live furthermore
My death will be something to be learned
Destroy these nonregretting mortals

I am not dying for their sins
But dying for those who hide within

Gods and Goddesses of great power!
Hear me now in my dying hour!
Punish these fools of their own and evil towers!

With the Fire that burns me
The Water in the sea
The Air that blows in the tree
And the Warth that guides all of we
Let my death not go unpunished
This is my will, so mote it be!

And to my fellow witches
Be ye hiding or be ye running
I pray and stand that none of ye will be burning

Cast your circles
Light your candles
Burn your incense
Grid your crystals
Chant your incantations

Be free
For we are not the evils of Gaia
The ones who wish us harm,
Are far worse than the devil they sing of

Protect yourselves
In my death, none of you will die the same
Nay this ignorance do this again

With Light and Love within me,
Blessed Be!"

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