Wizards Potion


Beer (Optional)
Several Bowls
Water bottles
Glass Bottles
One Measuring Cup


A fun easy to make Wizard Potion. Nothing else to say...

Spell Casting

1). (Optional) Take your beer and drink some of it...
2). Then grab some Skittles and pour in a bowl.
3). Have 1.4 Liters of Vodka w/ 47 coloured Skittles...
4). Count the total number of skittles...then divide them into groups of different colours.
5). Place each group on different bowls.
6). Empty water bottles and pour equal amounts of vodka in each bottle.(About 230 millimeters).
7). Place the same colour of Skittles in each bottle. Each bottle should have different colors of Skittles. So it'll be:
Bottle 1: Bottle 2:
Orange Skittles Green Skittles
8). Shake up the bottles...they should look bright.
9). Strain out any extra debris from the bottle.
10). Place clean liquid in glass bottle.

Made by: indianbearchief's channel
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