Recipe for: Love Potion Tea


1 pinch of rosemary
2 teaspoons of black tea
3 pinches thyme
3 pinches nutmeg
3 fresh mint leaves
6 fresh rose petals
6 lemon leaves
3 cups pure spring water


I know this will work to bring you love.

Spell Casting

To make another person fall in love with you, brew this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon (moving from empty to full). Place all ingredients in an earthenware or copper tea kettle. Boil three cups of pure spring water and add to the kettle. Sweeten with sugar and honey, if desired.

Beforedrinking,recite this rhyme: "By light of moon waxing I brew this tea, make (lovers name) desire me". Drink some of the tea and say: "Goddess of love now hear my plea. let (lovers name) desire me. So mote it be" 

On the following Friday, brew another pot of the love potion tea and give some to the person you want to love you. He or she will soon begin to fall in love with you.
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